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This one-of-a-kind vase was handmade and wood fired by Rebecca Wood in the Georgia countryside. 

About 4" high x 3.75" wide; Includes two pieces: lid and vessel

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Handmade at R.Wood Studio by founder Rebecca Wood - each vase is taken out to the Georgia countryside and loaded into a gigantic communal kiln that’s literally fueled by fire and fire alone - no electricity. Stacks and stacks of cut wood are on hand and at the ready as potters work in shifts around the clock to keep the kiln fire blazing for 24 hours a day. The wood fire must burn constantly for an entire week. Tending to the wood fire kiln around the clock is an outdoor job and that means blurry sunrises, crisp sunsets, stargazing, and braving the winter cold - all under a canopy of north Georgia pines. The job is to constantly monitor the temperature inside the kiln and add more wood about every 15 minutes to keep it running hot. Wood firing pottery is labor intensive x 1,000 but the end result is pretty breathtaking. In addition to the heat reaction, ash from the wood fire swirls through the enclosed corridors of the massive kiln and melds to the surface of each piece inside. You can’t always control how or where the ash lands or what textures it’ll produce but the finish - once you finally get to see it - is always a rich, earthy surprise. A true collaboration between potter and nature.